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Can Cheap Generic Cialis Consumption Lead To Sudden Blindness?

generic cialis online is an extremely popular medicine for impotence treatment. As every drug, it features both positive and negative aspects. A man, who takes cheap generic Cialis, may experience mild side effects and a vision problem is one of them.

Studies and researches show that blurred vision and sensitivity to light are two basic side effects, but many men are interested whether a complete loss of vision may be possible as well.

Generic Cialis Online And Blindness
Cheap generic Cialis doesn’t cause blindness. There may be slight changes in vision, but they are usually temporary. Vision changes and problems are characterized by:

- seeing a blue tinge to objects;
- having eye pain;
- having difficulties telling the differences between green and blue colors;
- having blurred vision.

All these problems never cause complaints. Besides, it is always possible to define whether these problems are caused by generic Cialis online.

People, who Buy Generic Cialis online, suffer from rare cases of non-arthritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy. The condition usually leads to a sudden loss of vision either in one or both eyes.

This problem occurs in people, who suffer from a number of certain diseases and takes cheap generic Cialis without prescription. To these diseases belong:

- high level of cholesterol;
- diabetes;
- heart diseases;
- hypertension.

Men over 50 years old and those, who smoke, also can face the problem of vision loss.

According to the latest statistics, a problem of loss of vision occurs in about 3% of all men, who take generic Cialis online. Besides, the doses in these cases are from 25 mg to 50 mg. Men, who take 200 mg pills, increase the risks of suffering from this kind of adverse effects.

As a rule, these 2% of men are people, who had various vision problems before they took generic Cialis online. This is why it is always essential to tell a doctor about poorly understood vision problems you have. This will definitely help to prevent blindness and worsening of eye diseases in future. Proper doses may also help one to lessen the amount of side effects connected with vision loss.

Do not take generic Cialis online without doctor’s recommendations or unless its consumption is inevitable. Consider all possible risks and problems that may occur and decide what is the most important for you.

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